eBook Creation

Are you keen to understand what eBooks can add to the content marketing mix? Our marketing agency is adept at creating marketing long-form exclusive eBooks that are information-rich, educational, and engaging — a prime asset for your technology marketing efforts.
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By combining strong content, attractive design, and a compelling narrative to tie it all together, an eBook will help you achieve your marketing goals.

eBook creation and management

An eBook is a fantastic tool to showcase your latest research, product information, or thought leadership conversations. Our team of experienced writers, editors and designers work with you to create compelling, information-rich eBooks that are tailored directly to your target audience.
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Lead generation

The eBook is the perfect vehicle for generating leads on your website. In return for entering their contact information, visitors gain access to an eBook brimming with high-value information. Our team are experts in creating eBooks that drive more qualified leads to your business, helping you to grow your customer base and increase revenue.
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To Design or Not To Design - That is the question

For smaller clients who don't have dedicated graphic design resources, our team can create visually attractive eBooks to start your brand journey. But for those clients with an existing brand and design team, we're more than happy to just create the textual content for your team to work with directly.
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Case studies experts

Experienced team

Our team of technical writers has years of industry experience creating and publishing eBooks for a wide range of industries.
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Proven results

We've helped countless businesses establish thought leadership and drive more qualified leads to their marketing funnel and sales pipeline.

Customized solutions

We understand that every business is unique, and we'll work with you to produce eBook content that meets your specific needs.

Content Marketing on a Budget

Content Marketing on a Budget This blog shows a transcript of the “Content Marketing on a Budget” video. Today we want to talk to you about three ways to do content marketing on a budget — or actually doing content marketing on a really small, if not zero, budget. Repurpose Existing Content The first way […]

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4 Reasons to Add eBooks to Your Content Marketing

When businesses develop content marketing plans, certain assets are generally prioritized: blogs, infographics, and case studies. However, one often under-utilized but invaluable asset is the eBook. eBooks offer a different style of content: long-form, information-rich, educational, and exclusive. While one of the priorities of eBooks is to educate your readers, they serve two purposes. One, […]

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eBook Checklist: What You Need to Succeed

All content marketing assets are unique and require a different process for creation; eBooks are no different. eBooks are content-rich assets, full of educational content that readers naturally gravitate towards, so are incredibly valuable. While the bulk of creating your eBook is planning and creation, there are a few things to keep in mind when […]

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To learn more about how our eBook Creation can benefit your business, get in touch today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation.

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