4 Reasons to Add eBooks to Your Content Marketing

When businesses develop content marketing plans, certain assets are generally prioritized: blogs, infographics, and case studies. However, one often under-utilized but invaluable asset is the eBook. eBooks offer a different style of content: long-form, information-rich, educational, and exclusive. While one of the priorities of eBooks is to educate your readers, they serve two purposes. One, of course, is to provide valuable information to readers. The other, however, is to put your expertise on full display and establish yourself as a dominant authority figure in your industry. People who download eBooks are actively seeking out information — make sure it’s yours they download and read.

eBooks Help with Credibility 

eBooks are rich, valuable assets that contain a lot of information that’s relevant to your industry. Regularly producing topical and relevant eBooks will boost your credibility and prove that your material is incredibly valuable. When you offer eBooks to your readers, they will see you as an indispensable source of information that aims to educate and provide solutions. As a result, this gains the trust of your readers, which is a significant factor in establishing your status as a dominant figure in your industry.

While short-form content assets such as articles or blogs are valuable to incorporate in content plans, eBooks stand out. Long-form content, like eBooks, helps with credibility more so than short-form content because they are packed full of educational and thoroughly researched material and provide more value to the reader than a blog or infographic.

eBooks are Consumable 

Readers are attracted to eBooks because they’re easily accessed and consumed. From a readers’ perspective, the beauty of eBooks is that once they’ve been downloaded, people can read them offline and on any device. The accessibility and ease of eBooks allow readers to view the information wherever and whenever they please. By providing your readers with easily accessed and valuable information, you’re setting yourself apart from your competition and showing what you care about your readers.

eBooks are Subtle and Effective 

eBooks are a subtle yet powerful marketing tool — they sell without selling. Consumers have learned to lean away from advertisements and blatant marketing most of the time. Today, it’s challenging to develop marketing plans that audiences not only accept but also actively look for.

This aspect makes eBooks successful and unique; they present a safe space for customers to learn about your service without there being an apparent sales pitch on every page. Instead, the marketing within the eBook is subtle. The primary goal of your eBook is to educate your readers and supply them with rich information, but at the same time, guide them toward your business and the solutions you provide.

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eBooks are Lead-Generation Machines 

eBooks are a fantastic asset to help drive traffic and increase leads. First, a free eBook — simply in exchange for an email address — is extremely attractive for new prospects. With people seeking information, they come to your website and eBook solely of their own volition, resulting in new, high-quality leads that will help increase business. Further, if you offer a clear call to action (CTA) in your eBook, it will attract even more people to check out your services, latest offerings, and other content.

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Whichever way you look at it, eBooks are a powerhouse for lead generation and bringing more business to your company. eBooks can raise your search rankings, allow you to target a different audience, give you a competitive edge, and help you become a dominant figure within your industry. The more eBooks you publish, the more leads you’ll have, and the better your business will be.

In Summary: 

eBooks are a hugely beneficial asset to incorporate into your content marketing plan. While they may be time-consuming to create, the payoff is worth it. People want easy access to rich, valuable information, and eBooks provide that. Once people see that you value educating them over blatant sales techniques, your loyal following will grow, and you will cement yourself as a pillar in your industry.

With eBooks, your customers will receive exclusive and rich information with the simple click of a button. In return, you get their contact information, an increase in traffic, and more business.

However, writing an eBook isn’t an easy task. If you’d like to add eBooks to your content marketing plan and want to make them successful, visit our eBook web page for more information about working with us.

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