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Are you a software vendor looking to establish thought leadership and drive more qualified leads to your business? Our technical marketing agency specializes in creating and managing B2B blogs for software companies just like yours.

Our technically rich blog content informs and educates readers, builds a consistent voice for your brand, and delivers against your overall SEO marketing goals.
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We combine our deep technology industry knowledge with your product and go-to-market understanding to deliver high-performing blogs that stand out from the crowd and keep your audience engaged.

Blog creation and management

We will dedicate one of our team of experienced writers and editors to work closely with you to understand your offering, audience, goals for your blogs. We then create high-quality, informative, SEO-rich blog posts tailored specifically to your exact needs — whether that is a 600 word introduction to a topic or a 3000 word pillar piece that forms the backbone of your content strategy.
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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Writing a blog is a delicate balance of creating an engaging narrative that people want to read — and ensuring the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs of the website are met. Our team of experienced writers and editors work with you to create blog material delivers that balance — content that is highly optimized for search engines but still very readable and engaging.
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Lead generation

Our blog services are designed to fuel your marketing funnel and ultimately drive more qualified leads to your business. Our team understand that blogs are a core top of funnel marketing asset. We craft blog content with this in mind — including numerous internal links and calls to action (CTAs) throughout the copy without detracting from the overall narrative.
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Analytics and reporting

Without detailed analytics you have no way of knowing which blogs your audience is engaging with. Our team can work with you to define clear metrics for your blog strategy and share details of how you can create detailed analytics and reports on the performance of your blog.
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Experienced team

Our team of technical writers has years of industry experience creating and managing B2B blogs for companies across the globe.
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Proven results

We've helped countless businesses establish thought leadership positions on the way to driving qualified leads to their businesses.

Customized solutions

We understand that every business is unique, and work with you to create a blog strategy and execution plan that meets your specific needs.

The 5 Areas of Messaging Impact: Why Effective Messaging is Essential for Post-Funding Success

Securing funding is a significant milestone for any business. It’s a testament to your vision, hard work, and the potential your investors see in your company’s future. However, securing funding is just the beginning. The real challenge lies in executing your plans effectively, and one of the most critical elements of this execution is your […]

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Harnessing the Power of Independent Guest Speakers for Engaging and Effective Webinars

In the post-COVID business landscape, virtual events have become a critical tool for generating leads and engaging with potential customers. Among these, webinars stand out as an effective method for delivering valuable content and connecting with a broader audience. However, many webinars fall short of their potential due to uninspired presentations and overly promotional content. […]

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Navigating Privacy Regulations Through Content: A Guide for Marketers

Marketers striving to use data to deliver personalized, relevant customer experiences face an increasingly complex privacy landscape. Regulations like the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA impose strict limits on consumer data collection and use. Rather than seeing compliance as a burden, however, smart marketers view privacy as an opportunity to build customer trust by creating content […]

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A Strategic Framework for Go-To-Market Success

With so many moving parts, setting priorities and developing an effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy can feel daunting. Where do you even begin? What are the key elements you need to address? And how do you get alignment across your organization to successfully execute on your plans? In this post, we’ll walk through a strategic framework […]

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Building Trust and Authority Through Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Earning trust and credibility is central to achieving thought leadership status. Savvy audiences have little patience for overly promotional, self-serving content. To become an authority, you must demonstrate a commitment to enriching understanding versus broadcasting self-serving marketing messages. This means developing a library of content that provides consistent, genuine value for your target audience. Your […]

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The Death of the Marketing Funnel?

Will the Adaptive Customer Engagement Model Replace the Marketing Funnel? Over recent years, the business-to-business (B2B) buyer’s journey has changed drastically. The marketing funnel for the typical buying process for B2B solutions now involves between six to ten different decision makers, each accessing various information across multiple channels and sources. At the same time, buyers […]

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Naming Your Way to the Top: Strategies for Brand Identity

Names are essential in digital marketing and content production, drawing attention, leaving an unforgettable impression, and ultimately propelling brands to success. We explore effective naming strategies here, from traditional approaches through influencer insights to memory triggers to niche naming nirvana: let’s delve into both sides of brand naming. Blending Traditions and Trends In brand naming, […]

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Content Marketing on a Budget

Content Marketing on a Budget This blog shows a transcript of the “Content Marketing on a Budget” video. Today we want to talk to you about three ways to do content marketing on a budget — or actually doing content marketing on a really small, if not zero, budget. Repurpose Existing Content The first way […]

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5 Reasons to Use Infographics

The Power of a Captivating Infographic The saying goes that a picture tells a thousand words — and the simple infographic can be equally powerful in your marketing mix. People tend to gravitate towards infographics because they’re persuasive, informative, and easy to read. Infographics are unique when compared to other types of content; while blogs, […]

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Case Study Checklist: Guaranteeing Successful Case Studies

Case Study Checklist: Guaranteeing Successful Case Studies  Companies love to talk about their products and benefits, but prospects may not fully buy into the hype without real-world examples of how those products and services can lead to customer success. Case studies are hard proof of a particular solution or service’s impact and an excellent tool […]

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The Roadmap to Thought Leadership Success

Establishing thought leadership through content marketing is a long-term play that requires significant time, planning, and commitment. However, the immense value and authority you can build for your personal and business brand over time makes the effort and investment extremely worthwhile. Becoming known as an industry expert and visionary leader has tangible benefits. It boosts […]

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5 Factors to Make A Successful Blog For Your Business

5 Factors to Make Your Business Blog a Success  It’s well known that blogging for your business has several benefits and is a critical factor in increasing traffic and building a long-term following for your business. While it’s one thing to have a blog with regularly scheduled posts, the content you create must be engaging, […]

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7 Key Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

In today’s digital-first era, establishing an online presence is not only beneficial for organizations, it’s imperative in order to remain competitive.  Whether your organization has already implemented a digital content marketing strategy, or if you’re new to the scene, blogging for your business has several benefits; it’s a powerful and accessible tool to help businesses grow their bottom […]

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