Content Marketing on a Budget

Content Marketing on a Budget

This blog shows a transcript of the “Content Marketing on a Budget” video.

Today we want to talk to you about three ways to do content marketing on a budget — or actually doing content marketing on a really small, if not zero, budget.

Repurpose Existing Content

The first way is repurposing your content. Now, if you’ve got an ebook that you’ve created in the past, why not think about turning that into a blog? Why not think about creating some social posts based on that ebook, based on that blog? Consider turning it into a data-sheet or an infographic. It’s a great way to do it. If you haven’t got an ebook, I’m sure you’ve got old blogs, and old sales presentations, Go back, give them a lick of paint, and turn them into a different format. There’s an awful lot of material that you can get from one core document. And it’s a great way to repurpose, reinvigorate, and get that material done without a lot of effort or cost.

Use Artificial Intelligence Tools

The second point is to make that even easier. Why not go and use some of the generative AI tools that are out there at the moment? So think ChatGPT, which we’ve all heard about. Think Bard, all of those tools that if you take an ebook, for example, copy and paste the text of that ebook into ChatGPT and say, hey ChatGPT, give me a blog post based on this following text, give me 5 social posts based on this following text. You can do that. That’s a really quick way to repurpose that content without taking a lot of time from your marketing team.

Partner with A Marketing Agency

And the third way to get marketing done relatively cheaply is to talk to a marketing agency. There are a lot of times when those agencies are looking for case studies, or they’re looking for some promotion. And actually, if you ask them, a lot of the time, they’ll do a little bit of work for you if you’re willing to act as a customer, for them to act as a reviewer, to issue a press release or a piece of information that they can get value from. So there’s a bit of mutual back-scratching that you can do. Go talk to a marketing agency and see what they’re willing to do.

Three Ways to Do Marketing on a Budget

So three ways to do marketing on the cheap, if you like. First, repurpose all that content you’ve already got within your business, reuse it, and turn it into something new. The second one is to use AI to actually do that repurposing and that reworking for you.

And the third one, talk to a marketing agency and see if they will do some mutual back-scratching.

This blog shows a transcript of the “Content Marketing on a Budget” video that can be found here.

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