Checklist: Creating the Perfect Infosheet

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Infosheets may not be the first content asset you think of when creating your content marketing strategy, but they should be. The perfect infosheet is an incredibly effective marketing tool and an excellent way to promote technical and complex information.  

However, creating the perfect infosheet can be easier said than done — it is hard to craft an infosheet that catches a reader’s attention immediately and manages to keep it. In our experience, the perfect infosheet should include five key pillars:  

  • consistent branding 
  • a strong headline 
  • clear messaging 
  • informative content 
  • the ever-important call to action. 

This blog details each of these five infosheet pillars and explains how to incorporate them effectively in your content creation activities. 

Consistent Branding

When people read your infosheet, they need to know who you are, so it’s imperative to incorporate consistent company branding throughout. Display the elements of your brand including the logo, the company name, the brand colours proudly and prominently.  

However, much like other aspects of marketing, there is a delicate balance. You want the branding to be showcased on your infosheet, so that readers recognise your company, but you don’t want them to take up too much space. You still want to provide readers with as much information as possible. Place your company logo near the headline and the end; that way, readers are greeted with your brand and will also remember it when they finish reading your infosheet.  

A Powerful Headline

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong headline. If you want your infosheet to succeed across a variety of marketing channels including social media and your website, it needs to grab readers’ attention immediately. Offer readers value in your title — give them a glimpse of what your infosheet is about so they know what they’re going to learn.  

However, don’t give too much away in your headline; you still want to entice people to read the infosheet. Refrain from being too specific, but rather incorporate some action, emotion, or solution in the headline. With headlines, you want to be slightly dramatic — you want your perfect infosheet to stand out from the others on the internet.  

When creating the headline for your infosheet, there are a few questions you can ask yourself:  

  • Does the headline generate a sense of urgency?  
  • Does the headline offer values for readers?  
  • Does the headline give a solution?  

If you’ve answered those questions successfully, then your headline will leave a lasting impression.  

Learn More About InfosheetsClear Messaging

Once you’ve caught your readers’ attention with a strong headline, you need to keep them focused with clear messaging. In your introduction, identify why you’re providing this infosheet and what people will learn from reading itTell readers what you’re doing with the infosheet, like promoting a new product, service, or company information. If you maintain clarity and focus throughout your infosheet, readers will see that you’re credible and knowledgeable and will return to your website to consume more content.   

Engaging Content

Infosheets are an excellent tool for targeting a wide audience, so the content must be informative and appealing. With infosheets, you’re trying to attract new readers who don’t know your product or service, so it’s important to engage with them in a compelling and appealing manner.  

While remaining focused on the message of your infosheet is vital, you also need to ensure that the content is engaging and entertaining for the reader. Talk with them, not at them, through your infosheet, and make sure you maintain quality over quantity. You want the information to be descriptive and specific, yet still, leave them walking more and inquire for a follow-up conversation.  

The Perfect Infosheet – A Call to Action

You can incorporate many tactics and strategies in your infosheet, and while they’re all important, a clear call-to-action (CTA) is essential. CTA’s let people know that you’re available and easy to connect with. Readers may love your infosheet and everything you’ve presented to them, but if you don’t give them a way or an invitation to contact you, then the infosheet will not deliver the desired outcomes.  

Make it easy for customers to know how to contact you and what to do next when doing business with you. Whether you want your customers to visit your website, email you, or call a provided number, make your CTA evident and inviting for best results.  

Infosheets are an excellent addition to your content marketing plan but creating a successful one takes work. Content needs to be informative, engaging and focused, however, you still need to tell people who you are and how to contact you. With prominent company branding and a clear, inviting CTA, readers and new customers will be left with an invitation to work with you and find out more about your business in the future.  

While this checklist covers the essentials for creating a captivating, perfect infosheet, they still take time and effort to complete. If you’d like to incorporate infosheets into your content strategy this year without the hassle of creating one, visit our infosheet webpage to learn more about working with us. 

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