Four Reasons Infosheets Need to be in your Content Marketing Strategy

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An infosheet is a 1- or 2-sided document that is fantastic for promoting new products and services and appealing to readers who may not gravitate towards blogs or technical papers.

Smart marketers use infosheets to summarize technical characteristics, share new product information, or convey company information in an engaging, visual format.  They are versatile, informative, and contain high-quality information that draws in a broad audience.

However, infosheets often only make up a small portion of content plans. To get the best from your content marketing, infosheets need to be in your plans.

Below we share four reasons why infosheets should be an essential pillar in your content marketing strategy.

1 – Short, Sweet, and Effective Content

Not everyone wants to read long, complex, and detailed information when learning about your business. Some people prefer short and sweet. Infosheets appeal to those types of readers. With one sheet of high-quality, clearly-focused content, people will get the message right away and still be keen to learn more.

Infosheets are descriptive, to the point, and should be easy to read. For this reason, infosheets are ideal for promoting on social media. People will give them a quick read, and if they’re interested, they’ll stay on your website.

2 – Increase Product Sales with Visuals

If people want glimpses into your newest product and service, then infosheets are the answer. Infosheets maintain quality over quantity, offering readers valuable and critical information about your new products or services.

By promoting your new product or service with an infosheet, prospects will be directed to your website — leading to increased web traffic and hopefully increased product sales and revenue.

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3- Share Essential Information

Infosheets are excellent for conveying technical and essential information about your business — but in an easily digestible format. Infosheets can include data visualizations and technical specifications so readers are able to easily ingest all the necessary information.

The ease of promoting infosheets will help increase awareness around your business and product for new potential customers.

4- Strengthen Your Brand

Diversifying your content plan is always a good idea. Doing so ensures that information about your product and business reaches as many as possible. However, it’s imperative to maintain consistent brand messaging across all mediums.

Due to the highly visual information on infosheets, they’re a fantastic way to keep brand messaging consistent. With infosheets as the foundation for technical and specific product information, prospects will consume your content and return to your website for new, informative content about your industry and business.

In Summary

Infosheets provide readers with specific, high-quality content that’s straightforward and to the point.

Infosheets are also a magnet on social media; people are automatically drawn to them because they’re short, visual, and effective. Readers get to learn about your company quickly. If they’re interested, they will then visit your website instead of continuing to scroll through social media. If you want to consistently engage with new prospects, then infosheets need to be a core part of your content marketing strategy.

Although infosheets are only one sheet, it takes practice and time to create them. If you’re interested in incorporating infosheets into your content marketing strategy, visit our infosheet webpage to learn more about working with us and how our team can help get you started.

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