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How eMedia Junction and Instinctive Solutions balance complex messaging with readability


A boutique public relations firm based in the US, eMedia Junction specialises in helping technology and healthcare companies share their messaging and raise brand awareness.

The small, highly experienced team works with some of the world’s leading names in technology and science. However, while much of the agency’s work falls under the traditional PR remit of writing press releases and arranging for interviews, it’s becoming increasingly common for eMedia Junction to provide the content for an article as well as the opportunity.

“We specialize in media relations and do a great job securing contributed article opportunities for clients,” explained Andrea LePain, eMedia Junction’s CEO and Founder. “However, most of them rely on us to write the articles as well. Writing has become one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of our work. And it’s hard to find people who can do it well.”

Finding the Balance

There’s more to producing contributed articles than just sending out advertising material. Most reputable publications aren’t interested in running purely promotional pieces and demand that any articles they run strike a balance between sharing the company’s messaging and providing genuinely informative content.

“This means we need people who can write articles and blogs that include the messaging the client wants but are also journalistic and appeal to the readers,” explained LePain. “If editors sense an article is too promotional or self-serving, they won’t publish it.”

“Finding that sweet spot – a piece that contains the right messaging but reads like an article – that’s hard to do.”

With a need for reliable, talented writers who could strike this balance, LePain reached out to Instinctive Solutions. She had worked with Instinctive CEO Dave Jones in a previous role, and trusted his team to deliver high-quality content that fit the bill.

The two companies collaborated on a handful of early articles for several of eMedia Junction’s clients, and achieved impressive results.

“There are lots of people who are great at writing promotional blogs and lots of people who are great at writing interesting articles,” she explained. “It’s hard to find someone who can manage to do both simultaneously. Instinctive Solutions does a great job at that.”

Tackling the Technical

Of course, the ability to write high-quality articles isn’t the only reason why eMedia Junction chose to work with Instinctive. LePain explained that many of its clients work in highly technical fields, and finding a partner who can tackle the subject matter without needing hours of briefings and explanations is extremely challenging.

“The Instinctive team has the rare ability to interview a thought leader on a complex technical topic – an MIT professor, for example – and be smart enough to wrap their head around it and ask good questions, rather than just relying on the thought leader to guide them through everything,” she said.

“It’s less of a time commitment for clients and makes the process easy for them.”

Growing a Reputation – Growing a Business 

Working with the instinctive team has allowed eMedia to build on one often-underappreciated aspect of the PR ecosystem – reliability. She noted that the Instinctive writers usually come to the interviews well-prepared and deliver great content – “often better than the clients would be able to do themselves.”

“Not everyone can do that,” she continued. “I’ve had folks write articles that editors wouldn’t accept. That means I can’t do my job – I can get the opportunities, but I need to deliver a piece of content that’s up to the standard of being published. That’s not a given.”

This ability to reliably provide websites, magazines and other publications with high-quality articles has a benefit that reaches far beyond a single job. It helps to establish eMedia Junction’s reputation across the media landscape.

“I want to deliver quality content because when I do, the editors are more willing to work with me in the future,” explained LePain. “Building those relationships is how I build my business and grow my client base.”


“The Instinctive team has the rare ability to interview a thought leader on a complex technical topic – an MIT professor, for example – and be smart enough to wrap their head around it and ask good questions.”

Andrea LePain, CEO & Founder, eMedia Junction

eMedia Junction Case Study

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