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How Crown Records Management is unlocking technical marketing with Instinctive Solutions

A Push into Digital Information Management

Crown Records Management has spent more than half a century helping businesses across the globe efficiently store and govern their documents. 

As Antony Biondi, Crown RM’s Head of ECM, explained, however, “until quite recently, our core services were based in a very analogue world – storing boxes of paperwork in our warehouses, scanning physical documents, that kind of thing.” 

While the physical side of the business remains an important part of Crown RM’s offerings, Biondi and his team have been working to strengthen its presence in the world of digital information management. 

New Directions, New Challenges

While Crown RM was confident in its ability to deliver messaging around physical documents, it needed help reframing it to fit the business’ new direction. 

“Our marketing team was very experienced in our traditional field but had never been involved in the world of software marketing, especially in an ECM context,” explained Biondi. 

“The challenges we faced weren’t around delivering campaigns or general marketing ability, it was more around the expertise and the guidance around translating our more technical sales requirements into a cohesive message.” 

The Results

The Crown RM team worked with Instinctive Solutions to create three elements of content: webinars, website copy, and a series of white papers and blogs. 

“What Instinctive is great at is taking what I say from a sales perspective and removing the things that aren’t relevant when it comes to marketing,” said Biondi. “And, just as importantly, explaining why those things aren’t relevant.” 

This trio of content elements has helped Crown RM find a marketing message that hits home in a digital world, delivering the right technical terminology and speaking the language used by its new customers. 

“Our website has seen traffic increase by at least 20%,” said Biondi, “but most importantly the time users spend on our website has risen to two-and-a-half minutes. 

“We’ve also generated two strong leads that have been encouraged massively by the content delivered by Instinctive. Without the content we shared in the initial contacts, we would not have been able to get to that point.” 

“One of Instinctive’s real benefits has been adaptability. They’ve had the ability to be flexible with our requirements, processes, and the way we work.” 

Antony Biondi – Head of ECM 

Crown Case Study

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