5 Social Metrics You Need To Track

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5 Social Media Metrics You Need to Track

Reporting on progress is part and parcel of every marketer’s remit – and never is that more important than with social media.

Social media metrics vary from network to network and it is easy to get lost in the myriad of reporting tools provided by both the networks themselves and 3rd party providers.

However, all is not lost. Below we provide details of the 5 social media metrics that you need to track to make your life easier, consistent and measurable!

Likes and Follows

Many people see likes and follows are pure vanity metrics, but in reality they are an important and useful gauge for brand awareness. These metrics also provide an indicator of whether your content and brand will be able to deliver a strong showing with the other, more important, metrics.

Reach & Impressions

Reach and impressions illustrate the potential number of people that view your social post on each specific network.

These numbers are important to measure as they help understand the visibility of a post beyond just your followers.

The metrics also put the number of people who have engaged with your posts into perspective. Larger reach and impression numbers “should” deliver better likes and follows – measuring these ratios will deliver insight on whether your overall strategy or content is working.


Possibly the most important and useful metric to include in your social media reports is the number of engagements your accounts have achieved. Engagement can be sliced and diced in numerous ways – broken down by engagement per post, engagement per follower, and total engagement among others.

Engagement is so important because it shows how your social media content is resonating with your audience, how many people are engaging with your social media accounts and posts, and ultimately whether your hard work is being rewarded.

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