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One of the things that I have found about building a website is that ideas come to me all the time. In the shower, while cycling and yes, even while I’m asleep!

Given that I’m writing a blog about building a website I needed a way to record these, and streamline my project plan. I’ve found that a great way to catalogue these, is to actually build draft blog posts of the ideas, that way I can then come back to them and fill out the detail when I’ve got time.

But logging into WordPress to do that everytime I had an idea was a bit of a pain – until I downloaded the WordPress mobile app. Sounds simple and obvious – but once I’d installed the app I simply login via my mobile, create a post and save as draft. Job done.

This will probably be the shortest post of the whole series – but possibly the biggest time saving tip of the lot.

Download the WordPress Mobile App here.

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