LinkedIn or Facebook – Which is Best for Business?

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LinkedIn and Facebook might seem like two completely different beasts – but both warrant consideration when promoting your business.

According to Hootsuite 87% of social media users are actively engaged on social media every month, with 43% using social media for work purposes.

Of course most people have multiple social media accounts, in fact  the average number of social accounts (per internet user) in January 2020 was 8.6. As such, identifying which social network is the best fit for your business should be a critical part of your social media strategy.

To help with this evaluation below we explore some of the key data around two of the leading  social networks for business and ask the question –  LinkedIn and Facebook: Which is the best for business?

LinkedIn for Business

Most people in B2B marketing, have a LinkedIn strategy. The platform is the de-facto place of most businesses to promote thought leadership content, to advertise events and webinars, and to recruit new staff.

  1. LinkedIn has over 663 million members as of Jan 2020 – that’s approximately 12% of the population who are over 18 – ie those people who most businesses target.
  2. Monthly Visitors for LinkedIn are listed at 675 million – making this network one that gets a lot of repeat visits.
  3. 57% of LinkedIn users are male, 43% female.
  4. 61% of users are aged between 25 and 34 – with almost half (44%) of Americans aged 25-29 are on LinkedIn

Facebook for Business

  1. Facebook has over 1.95 Billion members as of Jan 2020 – that’s approximately 32% of the population who are over 13.
  2. Monthly Visitors for Facebook are listed at 2.5 Billion – again making this network a hotspot for repeat visits.
  3. 56% of Facebook users are male, 44% female.
  4. 32% of users are aged between 25 and 34
  5. 98% of users access Facebook via mobile devices
  6. The Top 20 Facebook pages include businesses such as Samsung and McDonalds, but also celebrities Ronaldo and Justin Bieber.

LinkedIn vs Facebook – Which is Best For Business?

Each business has unique needs and a specific audience. Both LinkedIn and Facebook can play a valuable role in promotion of your products and services – and in many cases both will be required, as both platforms are good for different things.

According to Hubspot, Facebook gives you access to ten times more prospects and provides a great place to generate brand awareness and engagement, but LinkedIn beats Facebook when it comes to generating tangible leads.

However, you could argue that the logic only applies to B2B, whereas Facebook caters much more for a B2C audience.

Ultimately, identifying where your audience spends most time will allow you to determine whether Facebook or LinkedIn is a better platform for you to leverage, or whether a mixed approach will work better.

Data courtesy of Hootsuite

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