LinkedIn – Adding a Second Administrator

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In order to make use of the social media management services offered by Instinctive and others, you will need to provide admin access to your LinkedIn account. There are a number of ways to do this – the simple instructions below show you how to enable this capability.

Adding a Second Administrator to LinkedIn

Designated Admins of a LinkedIn Page can add or remove other admins.

Admins can be added through your admin center or through an email notification process.

Adding LinkedIn Admins Through the Page Admin Center

  • Sign in to your Page Admin Center.
  • Click the Admin tools dropdown at the top of the page and select Page admins.
  • Complete one or both of the following sequence of steps.
    • To add a new admin:
      • Select the type of admin you want to add on the left side of the Manage admins window.
      • Type the name of the 1st-degree connection (InstinctiveDave  if you are adding the Instinctive admin) you’d like to add in the Add new admin by name… text field.
      • Click Save changes.
    • To approve an admin request:
      • Select the Admin Requests tab from the left side of the Manage admins window.
      • Click Approve, then Save changes.

Adding LinkedIn Admins by Email

When a 1st-degree connection or advertiser requests to be added as an admin of your Page, an email will be sent to the current admin(s). As an admin, you can click Deny or Grant access as a response directly from the email notification if you’re logged into

If you’re not logged into, clicking Deny or Grant access will route you to the sign in page.

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